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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

Recognizing the business enterprises are economic organs of society and draw on societal resources, it is VGL’s belief that a company’s performance must be measured by its Triple Bottom line contribution to building economic, social and environmental capital towards enhancing societal sustainability.

CSR Policy

It is VGL’s policy

  • To direct VGL’s progrmmes, inter alia, towards achieving one or more of the following-enhancing environmental and natural capital; supporting rural development, promoting education, providing education, providing preventive healthcare, providing sanitation and drinking water, creating livelihood for people, especially those from disadvantaged sections of society, in rural and urban Nigeria
  • To develop the required capability and self reliance of beneficiaries at the grass roots, especially women, in the belief that these are prerequisites for social and economic development
  • To engage in affirmative action interventions such as skill building and vocational training to enhance employability and generate lively hoods for persons from disadvantaged sections of the society
  • To pursue CSR programmes primarily in areas that fall within the economic vicinity of the company’s operations to ensure close supervision and ensure maximum developmental impact
  • To provide equal opportunities to beneficiaries of our CSR programmes
  • To promote sustainability in partnerships with industry associations



To implement the company’s CSR programmes through company’s personnel or through external implementation agencies.