Our success lies in the skill and
mindset of our people, constantly
adapting to new challenges


O Organization

Four Group Divisions – One Company
Clear Structures and Responsibilities
With a wide portfolio from diverse arrangements, products and solutions, VGL serves five essential markets Energy, Oil and Gas, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Construction and commercial/Home Interior and designs.
VGL is 100% Nigerian own company
The operative business is comprises of four Group Divisions: VGL Energy, VGL OIL & GAS, VGL FMCG and VGL Interiors.* The activities of the subsidiaries of the Group Divisions are steered by a legally independent holding company-VGL GROUP

C Compliance

Clear rules are important to us. Trust and credibility are the basis of our business. The trust that we receive from our customers, owners, employees and the public depends critically on the conduct of each individual in the company. It is founded on strict compliance with the law and with all of our internal rules.
VGL is aware of its responsibility to society, and it acts accordingly. We recognize the duty of our company and our employees to serve the common good. VGL has entrenched a tradition of honesty and decency amongst its employees

S Sustainability

With our concept of sustainability,we are carrying on the tradition and style of VGL, which includes the obligation to conduct environmentally compatible, clean and fair business with long-term success.
Sustainable Management

  • Environment
  • Products
  • Employees
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • VGL Foundation