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Market & Industries


Worldwide, a quarter of all electricity generated by hydro power is produced with technologies and services from reputable international companies that VGL has business relationships with in sourcing and supply of products and services
Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas play a key role not only in Nigeria economy but in the world of the 21st century. Reliable supplies of these raw materials are a prerequisite for economic prosperity.
Our inroads into the petroleum sector started 4 years ago in the area of supply and marketing of petroleum products to consumers as a result of tie-ups we have with other Nigerian oil marketing companies. This gives VGL access to the products and the right to use their terminals and facilities for placing and marketing our products ensuring that we have local presence with more supply locations.
We offer a wide range of products to bulk customers in the industrial and transport sectors. VGL has product offtake and infrastructure sharing agreements with some majors in the petroleum industry.
We intend to invest, develop, build, own and operate innovative and cost-competitive projects throughout the energy supply chain, while maintaining constant attention to our role as a responsible corporate citizen.

The Nigerian construction industry will continue to expand with investment in infrastructure construction, healthcare, manufacturing plants, education facilities and housing projects continuing to drive growth.
VGL is positioned to take advantage of this by expanding and increasing its investment in Real Estate Sector and participation in the construction industry.

It is VGL’s strategic intent to secure long-term growth by synergising and blending the diverse pool of competencies residing in its various businesses to exploit emerging opportunities in the FMCG sector.
The Company's institutional strengths - deep understanding of the Nigerian consumer, strong trademarks, deep and wide distribution network, agri-sourcing skills, packaging know-how and cuisine expertise - continue to be effectively leveraged to rapidly grow the new FMCG businesses.
VGL has rapidly scaled up presence in its newer FMCG businesses comprising branded beverages and personal care products at an impressive pace within a short space of time.
The Company's unwavering focus on quality, innovation and differentiation backed by deep consumer insights and an efficient and responsive supply chain will further strengthen its ability to scale up growth the Nigerian FMCG industry.
VGL Pet Food

In line with the commitment of the group to introduce top quality to its consumers, VGL is commited to ensuring that dog lovers get the best for their much loved pet. As the official partner of Josera of Germany (One of the best brand in the world), VGL has introduced two brands of dog food (Josera & Bavaro) into the Nigerian market. Variants of our dog food can be viewed at www.vglpetfood.com